The Wild, Wild West

I hadn’t been to Oatman in about 15 years. It’s a little western town, literally, frozen in time. In fact, the only thing that was different was back in the day we could buy carrots from shopkeepers to feed the wild donkeys. Now, they only sell alfalfa cubes because, apparently, carrots give donkeys diabetes. Who knew? Oh, and the donkeys are a lot more aggressive. They almost reminded me of the seagulls at Sea World when one is carrying fish to feed the dolphins and sea lions. Once, I was knocked to the ground by a hungry seagull who promptly stole my five pieces of fish for which I paid $3.

There were a lot of babies this time of year and one female who was due any day. Her picture is on my Instagram as I took it with my phone.

It’s definitely a very quaint town that is worth visiting.

This guy smiled every time he saw a camera. What a ham!
A mama and her baby.
Sure, they LOOK like they’re calmly eating. I had a couple of bags of alfalfa in my purse and one of these guys took it out.
Hey, if you’ve got an itch…
Thank goodness they had water. It was 122 degrees that day.


“As a kid, I got three meals a day. Oatmeal, miss-a-meal and no meal.” ~ Mr. T

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